About the Artist

Jeanne Moy enjoys creating paintings which she hopes will make people smile. She hopes her art will inspire viewers to relax and remember the feelings of quiet and joy that are part of beautiful places, both real and imagined.


Jeanne remembers standing next to her mother's easel while her mother painted "the lake" just as Jeanne does today.  Jeanne's mother eventually gave up painting due to allergies to the oil paints she used. She expressed her creative spirit with fabrics and sewing. Jeanne took the opposite route, enjoying quilting and home DIY and now moving into painting.


As Jeanne explains, she started painting when asked by David at the Catholic Worker House to paint a sign for him. "I approached David  willing to help with tiling as he had asked for volunteers to help fix up the house. One of the skills I learned along the DIY way was tiling. David kept saying, 'But what I really need is a sign.' I kept telling him I wasn't an artist but he kept asking, so I painted him a sign. A few months later David needed a sign for the Free Pantry, and I did that one too. A friend saw it and asked for a sign for her home business. Then my husband moved to a new office with several blank walls. I pulled out my paints to give a try at some landscapes - I was having so much fun that I wanted to keep on painting."

Jeanne lives in Iowa City, Iowa with her husband. She is the mother of four young adults and two beagles.