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Watching my mother paint The Lake.

About the Artist

I enjoy creating paintings which I hope will make people smile. I hope my art will inspire viewers to remember the feelings of quiet and joy that are part of beautiful places, both real and imagined.  Icon carver Jonathan Pageau recently reminded his fellow artist of our role in the need to re-enchant the world, to remind an often chaotic world of Beauty and Spirit. I hope my paintings give a sense of a place where the soul can be still and calm.


I remember standing next to my mother's easel while she painted "The Lake" from the beach of our cabin just as I often do today.  "The Lake" is Two Inlets Lake in Minnesota where my family has been vacationing since I was two years old. It is an enchanting place of beauty and peace. My mother eventually gave up painting due to allergies to the oil paints she used. She expressed her creative spirit with fabrics and sewing. I took the opposite route, enjoying quilting and home DIY and now painting - though my sewing machine and tool box are still ready to go when needed!


Raised in Nebraska and now living in Iowa, I also love to capture the beauty of the rural Midwest sky and ever changing fields and trees. My husband, a native of California, is a little homesick for its coastal beauty, so I also paint seascapes. Some of my first paintings were painted for his office and were inspired by the beauty of Monterey and Carmel.  I am also an avid gardener. My garden starts right outside my studio door, and it is an ever present inspiration for floral paintings.

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